Artist in Fiction Genre Andrzej Sykut

For the most part the artist from Poland depicts distant planets in his paintings to which we just have to get in the future. Will we see there the same scenery, strange animals, or intelligent races - is unknown, but now Andrzej Sykut fantasizes as he can, breathing the most incredible life into his paintings.

The artworks by Andrzej Sykut are very bright, interesting and sometimes funny. High-tech equipment is adjacent to the exotic living world, and urban landscapes are combined with landscapes of other worlds. Science fiction has always been and will be of interest to people, because it helps to look beyond reality. Even if such science fiction assumptions never come true, still they allow a person to dream and to imagine the worlds that won’t ever be seen. Fiction is not only interesting from the point of view of pleasure from viewing or reading, but it plays a very important role in the sphere of science, technology and inventions. Inspired by the things that are invented by talented visionaries, scientists are developing new things, new systems and affect the world with revolutionary inventions.

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